About Us

Our focus is on growing investor wealth through superior rates of return over the long term, with capital preservation always top of mind.

3 years in business
20.0 m funds under management
99% happy investors

Our Business

What we do

RC Global Funds Management is an Australian-based boutique investment manager that specialises in global equities. Our focus is on growing investor wealth through superior rates of return over the long term, focusing on reducing the risk of permanent loss of capital.

RC Global is majority-owned by founder Roy Chen and staff members with a performance culture underpinned by a business owner mentality and a concentrated investment strategy.

RC Global holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFS license no. 491119)

Investment Philosophy

Seek out excellent companies to generate higher returns

Our philosophy is that we seek out businesses with highly attractive cash flow, assets and franchise characteristics at a discount to their intrinsic value.

Quality businesses are not always appropriately priced in the market, and through our research, we aim to uncover and invest in a range of these opportunities. Extending our search across many countries enhances opportunities to build portfolios of quality investments with increased diversity that can assist in managing risks.

We aim to deliver our clients transparency in all our dealings as well as a mix of income and longer-term capital gain.

Investment Princples

The RC Global pillars

Markets are inefficient

We look to identify opportunities from a mismatch between the inherent value of the company and the trading price.

Preservation of capital

Always top of mind when making our investments, as we are looking for an absolute return.

Pragmatic investors

We are long-term investors, but we will take advantage of short-term opportunities with high-probability returns.

Importance of dividends

Dividends and their growth provide a significant contribution to total returns and risk/reward outcomes.

Get it right

It is not about being right; it is about finding the best investment through collaboration, in-depth analysis, and looking for blind spots.

Quality provides value

High-quality business models and management create excellent opportunities for long-term investment growth.

Our team

80 + years of investment experience in global equity markets

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