A global infrastructure & energy equity fund

A simple solution for investing in the best global companies operating in essential industries that are benefiting from global megatrends.

Global Exposure

Portfolio diversification with global equities

Essential Industries

Resilient companies tapping into megatrends

Income & Growth

High-income component with capital appreciation

Investor benefits

A range of unique investment exposures to optimise returns and balance of your investment portfolio.



Access the best listed global companies operating in the infrastructure & energy value chains.


Essential Industries

Investment exposure to essential industries through energy & infrastructure.



Automatically tapping into long-term global trends at the essential layer of the economy.


Income & Growth

A consistent and sustainable approach to higher investment returns.

Investment Strategy

A specialised listed global equities strategy that is actively managed and index unaware.

The RC Global Infra-Energy Fund (the Fund) is focused on infrastructure and energy business segments to provide exposure to companies that are operating in essential industries around the world. We believe this investment universe offers access to companies resilient in economic downturns to maintain dividends and automatically are tapping into global megatrends for long-term capital appreciation. We explore the best opportunities across the entire infrastructure and energy value chains which benefit under different economic scenarios that lead to higher returns.

The Fund takes the broadest selection approach to companies that are related to infrastructure and energy segments. In the infrastructure sector, we cut across many industries that include transport, communications, supply chain, social, and digital. For the energy sector, we look at renewable, integrated, midstream and upstream as well as utilities.

Our investment selection approach is fundamental, value-oriented with a quality overlay, and thematic-driven. The investment time horizon for our selected companies is long-term to take advantage of key mega-trends we have identified. At times, we will invest short-term opportunities with high-probability to increase performance. Asset allocation consists of 30 to 50 stock holdings and cash holdings. The cash holdings can be as high as 35 % net value of the Fund, which is a critical component for navigating in times of uncertain market conditions that have unfavourable risk-reward outcomes.

The goal of the Fund is creating long-term value for investors that provides superior absolute, risk-adjusted returns. The Fund targets an annual total return of 10 % with income component of greater than 3.5% yield.

Key features

A set of critical features to ensure higher returns, unique exposure, and investment safeguards.


Investment Goal

An annual total return of 10% with income component of greater than 3.5% yield.


Essential Industries

By investing infrastructure and energy business segments.


Global Equities

Access to the best companies around the world.


Experienced Team

80 years of experience. Team invested in the fund and company.


Actively managed

Investment team working for you day and night.


Liquid & Transparent

A regulated managed fund that you can easily add and withdraw investments from.


Investor's frequently asked questions relating to investing in the fund.

An investor that is:

  1. Comfortable with movements up and down in their investments,
  2. Has a investment time line of more than three years,
  3. Is wanting to capital appreciation through income and growth, and
  4. Tolerate levels of risk that is equivalent to investing in international shares.

The fund is a managed fund that is unlisted wholesale unit trust. You can buy/sell units in the fund by sending in a form to RC Global.

At present, the Fund is only available to personal investors thatqualify as a wholesale /sophisticated investor. To gain a further understanding if you are eligible, please review our information sheet who qualifies for a wholesale investor.

If you do not qualify, please do not be disappointed because we are working towards our Fund being available to retail investors shortly.

Our recommended investment time frame is 3 to 5 years or more, as we do take a long-term investment approach, we believe this time frame aligns with our expectations on making returns with our investments.

The Fund targets an annual total return of 10 % with income component of greater than 3.5% yield

The assets class is international shares. The Fund manages a portfolio listed equities in developed and emerging markets. There can be a cash holding of up to 35% to navigate challenging market conditions.

The risk profile of the fund is best described under Growth profile of managed funds on the Money Smart government website. For complete list of the risks related to the fund please refer to our Information Memorandum.

Best companies in essential industries, not so well known

Kurits Water
Total Energies
Investment Exposure

Why infrastructure and energy?

RC Global Funds Management identifies infrastructure and energy value chains as an excellent investment universe for long-term shareholder wealth creation. We believe several significant factors will lead to higher returns and outperformance.

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Investment Team

80+ years investor experience in global equity markets

Like to know more

Request am investor's pack for the Global Infra-Energy Fund to start your global investing in essentials industries for a higher return.

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