Global equity funds for financial planning & wealth management

Helping advisers reach their client's investment goals.

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Global exposure

Portfolio diversification with global equities.

Making it easy

A fund actively managed by an experienced investment team.

Exclusive insights

Gain a better understanding of global markets

Other benefits

Helping you to provide higher returns for your clients.

Balance the portfolio with global equities

Looking for actively managed funds in global equities that will help your clients have an investment that does not correlate to domestic assets.

Geographical diversification

Tapping into global trends

Bigger investment universe


Extra investment options without the workload.

Stay focused on managing existing asset classes for your clients, while we provide you with an easy solution to provide global equities exposure.

Actively managed funds

Removing the complexities

Working with you

Global Investment Insights

See how RC Global is navigating global equity markets for a higher return

Partner Program

Other benefits are available to help you improve investment outcomes for your clients

Co-Brand or White Label

We can design partner solutions for financial advisers to align with your business goals.

Account Management

We provide a dedicated account person to your account to help and assist with global investing.

Marketing Resources

We want to make this as easy as possible and help accelerate the marketing and sales process by providing resources to help you get the job done.

Better Rewards

As you grow funds with us, we recognise your growth with better fees and rewards.

Exclusive Insights

Receive immediate access to our investment insight into global equities, emerging trends, and investment strategies.

Investment Team Access

Access to our investment team with investor briefings and large presentations.

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Organise a callback and meeting for RC Global to assist you with partnering with us.

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