Why infrastructure & energy investment strategy?

A better understanding of Global Infra-Energy Fund's investment strategy.

A better understanding of Global Infra-Energy Fund's investment strategy


Five siginificant factors leading to higher returns


Interconnection leads to better analysis

There are many interconnections between infrastructure and energy business segments. Understanding the two business segments provides better investment selection for the listed global equities that we select. A simple example is that most infrastructure requires energy to operate, and if they do not have an affordable and reliable energy source, they will have high costs and operating issues. From the energy side, to produce, convert, store, distribute, and transmit energy, you need infrastructure. The availability and price of infrastructure can make or break an energy project.


Broad investment universe for essential industries

Focusing on the infrastructure and energy business segments provides a significant investment universe for companies operating in essentials industries. Also, our lens is wider when investing in infrastructure and energy sectors because we look at the whole value chain of both sectors, providing more flexibility to the portfolio to optimise returns.


High-quality companies hidden

Selective listed global companies that operate in the infrastructure and energy space have strong economic moats, consistent free cash flow, and sustainable earnings and dividends. Several companies are well known, but there are some not so well known. In the not so well known, we tend to find some of the best companies in the world hidden away in the essential layer of the economy.


Automatically tapping into megatrends

In today's global economy, there are long-term trends occurring for ten-year periods and into the future called megatrends. Identifying megatrends and finding companies leveraging the trends is a vital part of our investment team’s approach to seeking higher returns. Companies operating in the infrastructure and energy business segments are automatically tapping into these megatrends at the essential layer.


All-weather characteristics

Infrastructure and energy business segments can behave differently with different economic cycles, disruptive headwinds, and high-velocity tailwinds. Essentially, providing the portfolio "all-weather characteristic" to adapt to different economic environments.

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