Investing in global equities to increase income for your investment portfolio

An alternate or complementary option for your existing portfolio to increase income levels, especially in a low-interest environment.

Key Advantage

Investing in listed global equities has the advantage of a larger investment universe for finding the best companies that have sustainable growing dividends to add your portfolio income stream.

How can RC Global Funds Management help?

Easy approach to investing in global equities for income.

Sustainable income
Long-term growth
Global diversification
Capital preservation top of mine
Liquid & transparent fund

Global Infra-Energy Fund

Our flagship fund Global Infra-Energy Fund has consistently produced over 4.5 % income per annum for the last three financial years. The Global Infra-Energy Fund is an actively managed fund that invests in a portfolio of companies operating in the infrastructure and energy sectors providing essential product/services. Learn more

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